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Electronic Voting on the Blockchain 

Create Polls

As an Election Manager

Election Management is easy and secure. You can create and manage elections using blockchain technology in minutes. Our platform provides a simple and intuitive interface for creating an election, and provides real-time results for easy monitoring and analysis. 

Make Your Voice Heard

As a Voter

Velocity Vote provides a secure and convenient voting process for all voters. Our system is easy to use and takes no time to learn. Voters are exempt from having to pay network gas fees, so voting couldn't be easier.  By voting on the blockchain, you can rest assured that your voice is fully accounted for.

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About Velocity Vote

Velocity Vote is a revolutionary blockchain-based electronic voting system that promises to change the way we vote. Our system uses blockchain technology to ensure that votes are secure, private, and easy to verify. We believe that voting should be simple, transparent, and secure, and that's why Velocity Vote was created.

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Traditional Polling & Rank Choice Voting System for ALL. 

Velocity  Vote

Transparent and secure voting has never been more important.  Blockchain voting will ensure that the results accurately reflect the will of the people.

Velocity Vote is all about opening democracy to more people. In doing so, we've built one of the most secure voting platforms while making voting as easy as possible for the voting electorate. Our easy-to-use, transparent, secure, and low cost election solution for Election Commissioners, Administrators, Directors, and Clerks,  and voting administrators aims to...  Read More

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How Does It Work

What Makes Velocity Vote So Secure?

Each election is its own contract on the Blockchain. When a voter submits their vote, it's encrypted and converted into a data block. The encryption process gives each block a unique identifier called a hash, and it includes the hash of the previous block in the chain, creating an interdependent chain of blocks. If anyone attempts to alter a vote (or block), it would change that block's hash, making it evident that tampering has occurred, because it would no longer match with the next block's record of the previous hash.

The blockchain is decentralized, which means each node in the network keeps a copy of the entire blockchain, it makes it nearly impossible for a single entity to control or manipulate the data. The process ensures every vote is anonymous, secure, and can't be altered after it's been added to the blockchain.

The end result is a highly transparent and verifiable system that can be audited by anyone, enhancing trust in the voting process and potentially reducing the likelihood of electoral fraud.

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Velocity Vote

Meet the Innovative Blockchain Voting Platform.

So easy to use, anyone can participate.


A Poll creator can set up an election in less than 5 minutes. Each election-voting window can run for as long or as short as the election creator desires. The no-frills user interface makes this the most accessible voting platform for anyone to use.

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The voting platform is designed with the voter in mind. Voting mechanics ensure first-time users don't need to read a manual before using. The voter can get in, vote, and exit in no time. This is also true for the election manager. Polls can be set up in minutes and made live at the manager's discretion.


With blockchain voting, each vote is recorded on the blockchain ledger, ensuring that every vote is counted and that no votes are tampered with.  Furthermore, because blockchain voting is decentralized, it is resistant to outsiders looking to influence the outcome of an election.



Velocity Vote allows election managers to see votes as they come in within the polling area of the application. However, blockchain technology allows for real-time reporting of voting results publicly. As votes are cast, they are added to the blockchain and can be immediately seen and tallied. This eliminates the lag between the close of polls and the release of results. It also vastly enhances transparency and trust in the electoral process, as all stakeholders can monitor any election progress in real-time.

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