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Registration as an Election Manager

When you connect to the Web 3 Voting application, you will be asked if you are a Poll Creator or Voter. To become a poll creator, you will select Poll Creator from the drop down menu. There is a one time fee, of 0.2 BNB.

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Create Polls

Polls are easy to create. Give your Poll a name, indicate the start time and date, end time and date, then upload your list of voters (or enter the community token). Voter pool fee is 10M RMTX per voter ($0.25 USD per 100 Voters), plus a small 0.1 BNB Poll creation fee.

Each question is created one at a time. Yes/No, Multiple Choice, and even Rank Choice questions can be created. The cost is 10B RMTX (Approx. $2 USD) and each Poll can have up to 10 questions.

Some gas fees will apply as you are interacting directly with the BSC Smart Chain. These are not Velocity Vote Fee's, but are necessary to leverage the blockchain.

Sit Back & Relax

Once an election begins, questions and voter roles are locked in. Changes cannot be made to questions and answers, nor can the voter list be altered. As the election manager, you will be able to rest assured knowing that only those authorized can vote, and they can only vote once. 


Real Results in Real Time

As each vote is cast, the transaction is submitted to the blockchain. Results are made available for all to see at any time. As an election manager, you can see the tally in real-time without searching the blockchain. We display your results for you in the poll you've created.

Ready to Get Started?

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